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Miranda is so passionate about, and dedicated to those she works with.  She knows what agents and managers are looking for in young actors, and she knows how to get them prepared to meet these industry professionals.   I'm always impressed with the talent she brings to competitions!

Katrina Herlong
PureTalent Management
Talent Manager/Producer/CEO

To whom it may concern,

My name is Maui. I am an entertainment industry manager and a Senior partner at The Crawford Agency. I am also a music producer in the pop, rock and country genres.

I have known Miranda Meza longer than I have known most of my many other contacts in the entertainment industry. We started out just knowing one another over a decade ago. Eventually, at one point, we even worked together within the same company.

In the past few years I have attended her showcases where I have found very talented actors and singers. She makes it easy for me by doing a previous search and then guiding and preparing the talent.

By the time I get to see them, the actors and models are ready. This makes my search for new talent much easier.

Aside from being very experienced and professional in her field, Miranda is a very thoughtful and caring individual. I personally think these traits are very important when working with artists, especially when some of those artists are the little ones.

I am thankful I get to do business with someone like Miranda.

Senior Partner The Crawford Agency

Miranda & Staff,

You know how I feel about your work ethic and dedication. It falls in line with everything MGMT stands for. I would tell people to just listen to your direction and follow your experience. I have signed over 50 people for my Management Agency through these showcases. I have to say your team is one that I really enjoy working with. The attention to details and ability to answer questions immediately makes your people stand out above the rest. I look forward to seeing your new talent that you are working with.

With Gratitude,

German Edward
President MGMT

We came to Miranda with no knowledge whatsoever about the entertainment business! All we knew was that our five year old daughter loved to perform and said, as many young kids do, that she wanted to be on the Disney Channel. We trusted that Miranda would be honest and up front about Nhev’s abilities, or lack thereof, and boy did it pay off! She lead us in the right direction from the very start. Miranda was available every step of the way and was quick to get answers for us if there was a special circumstance that needed addressing, often consulting with her connections from the industry to get a well rounded opinion. Nhev hasn’t been on the Disney Channel just yet, but she quickly signed with an agent and manager from L.A., got her IMBD credits and had the privilege of filming with an actor currently on T.V.! Pretty exciting stuff for just one summer. Thanks Miranda for recognizing and nurturing my daughters abilities, and getting her started on a path to success!

With Gratitude,

Thank you, Miranda. You are the best one yet! WooHoo for you! Oh Miranda, I love you!