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About Inspire Talent

Inspire Talent was created to focus on local talent with the goal of helping our clients achieve their dreams and turning their craft into a career.  Rather it is a model with a vision of walking down a runway from New York to Paris or experiencing the honor of being featured in a high fashion magazine to an aspiring actor dreaming to be the next Disney star, we are here to help you achieve your highest ambition.  Beyond scouting, Inspire Talent helps clients with self-improvement, strengthen their self-confidence, or fine-tune interview and social skills.

Our team at Inspire Talent has over 70 years experience preparing clients for auditions before world class agents/managers, film producers, casting directors, and music producers from Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, Miami, and Paris.  The entertainment industry is not for the fainthearted and events change quickly.  Therefore, we ensure potential clients are ready for the many challenges they will face in pursuing a career in the modeling and entertainment industries.  Our philosophy is to bring forward the best talent possible; accordingly our selection process is rigorous for scouted talent.  If you do not receive a call back, please know it is not personal; many times what motivates selection are industry trends and timing.  Please remember you can always re-audition within 6-9 months.

Inspire Talent clients will have the opportunity to participate in workshops with elite professionals in the industry.  We are very excited to have Steven Scott from The Wannabes on board; he is very eager to start working directly with our clients.  As well, Maui from the Crawford Agency will participate in workshops, Maui is responsible for the successful career of Flynn on “Shake It Up!” aka Davis Cleveland!  Also participating in the workshops is the German Edward from MGMT Artists who represents Daniel Samonas who played Dean on Wizards of Waverly Place.  Because of our workshops, we believe Inspire Talent clients will gain an advantage when it’s time to audition as they will learn valuable information, receive relevant instruction, and  have access to important advice and vital feedback. For our talent that successfully meets our rigorous standards and attend relevant workshops, Inspire Talent will be inviting agents, managers, and producers to Denver for your audition.  There’s no need to travel to Los Angeles for a 10 minute audition! 

Our team at Inspire Talent congratulates you in taking this important step to achieving your dreams! Remember Life is not about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself!!!

Miranda Meza’s Bio

Successful business woman for over 22 years, Miranda started her career in runway modeling continuing onto plus size modeling.  Her passion for music and studio experience allowed her to collaborate with music producers from Nashville to Los Angeles.  With 15 years of scouting experience, Miranda is recognized as one of the industry’s top scouts.  She collaborates with the some of the most prestigious agents/managers in Los Angeles and New York.  Her clients have secured work in many of your favorite TV shows and on the big screen! Presented on the front covers of W, YM, Men’s Health, and Vogue are models scouted by Miranda and they are enjoying amazing modeling careers. They are also walking runways in New York for fashion week and overseas shows too.  Working closely with top agents and managers provides Miranda a unique perspective and advantage in scouting that next top model or talent!